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From: jeffery stapleton
Subject: Drake and Josh part 1. gay/incest/celebrityThis story is a work of fiction. It is to be understood that this story is
not associated with the TV show, now the actors of it. This story is
purely a work of fantasy and does not portray the sexuality or views of
the real life characters in anyway. That said. Enjoy. If anyone would
like to contact me concerning this story I would really like the feed back.
Any ideas would be cool too. Bijeff1977yahoo.com .Drake and Josh
More then Brothers
by M J BlackheartPart 1 Josh sat on the sofa in his room shared room alone. For once he had
the house all to himself. His step-bro Drake was with some new girl,
always with a new girl. Megan and their parents were out at the Movies or
something, it petite underaged
didn't really matter. What did was that he had some alone
time with himself for once. and for a rare occasion he wouldn't have to
deal with obvious male issues in the bathroom or in his bed late at night
when he thought Drake was asleep only about 10ft away.
Josh had made a few discoveries over the past few years. First he had
discovered when he had started going to the gym and working off his "baby
fat" that he enjoyed looking at the guys in the locker room as they
changed, showered, and generally horsed around. Second he had discovered
that he also had a liking for his brother nude art underage
Drake that he probably shouldn't
have. Although he was pretty sure he still liked girls, Mindy was great,
and a great kisser, but his cock seemed to grow fastest and hardest in his
pants on those rare occasions when Drake would burst in their shared room
with only a towel on because he had gotten out of the shower and forgotten
his clothes in the dresser again.
Josh now sat on the sofa naked and stroking lightly while watching a
porn that he had borrowed from Crazy Steve, from work. Who knew that Crazy
Steve was into this stuff. Josh watched as one girl and two guys made all
kinds of combinations of sexual hook ups. underage sex links
It was HOT, but to him he
thought maybe he was harder about an hour earlier when Drake had done that
clothes forgetting thing.
Josh had been sitting on his bed reading a science magazine about, ohhh
he didn't remember now, lol, the sight of drake bursting in had tossed that
out of his mind, even though he still had to pretend and read. Actually he
had been peaking over across the room as Drake naughty underage illegal dropped his towel. The sight
of those taught lanky ass cheeks was awesome! Then he saw a bit of Drakes
asshole and low fuzzy balls as he bent to put his black cotton boxers on.
Then Drake had lost his balance a bit as he was lifting one foot in and
hooped around to get it back and Josh had seen Drakes cock, though soft, it
seemed about 6 inches, and ol' Drakey had shaved for his date. mmmm, Josh
had to turn from his side to his stomach to hide his enraged bone, cause
all he was wearing was a loose set of pj bottoms and no undies.
Drake had chatted a bit as he finished dressing, something about taking
the new girl up to some spot. All the while Josh had been really
concentrating on his science and trying to seem uninterested. It wasn't
until Drake put his naked underage russians
shirt on to cover that awesome slim, yet leanly muscled
torso, that Josh turned back on his side and by then his cock had gone down
"SO, Bro, you going to get lucky?" Josh said with bit of envy as he
had yet to get lucky with anything but his hand.
"That's the plan, bro. make sure you leave the window open so I can
get back in. It might be a long night." Drake said with a snicker. Then
he grabbed his wallet and keys from his nightstand and rushed out the door.
"Long night means fun." Josh laughed and rubbed his crotch.
That was a few hours ago and now he was all alone having fun petite underaged
watching a porn. Josh cranked on his cock as he watched the two men
fucking and the woman on top of the one man grinding her puss over his
mouth. MMMM, Josh likely.
"What the hell that, bitch!" Drake said as he climbed through he
window. He didn't seem all that happy.
Josh lept up, surprised and pulling a underage homosexual
pillow to his underage sex movies
hard on and lunging
for the DVD remote he falls over the coffee table and lands face down in
his little head, his own ass sticking up in the air.
"What the hell, Josh, that ass is getting better and adult underage fun
better everyday.
And underaged nude modles I remember it when it was huge and pimply, and then that one time you
had that rash. HA HA HA." Drake laughed as he stood there by the window.
Then he saw what was playing on the DVD. "What the Hell Joshie two shoes
is watching porn. HA HA HA." He stands watching as the man eats out the
pussy on close up, Josh gets off the floor and sits his naked ass down on
the sofa, still the pillow is stuck to his crotch, but there is no longer
wood. Then the camera angle changes and Drake sees that it is the two guys
that are fucking.
"Dude, what the FUCK! That's messed up. Josh why are you watching
this, are you into that?" Drake hardly ever cursed, but he was totally
"I I I I I I," Josh started to stammer.
"No big deal, Brother, it's you lucky day." Drake then pops the fly of
his tight jeans and starts peeling them off.
"W w ww what are you doing?" Josh is scared, porn underage boy
confused, turned on more
then he had ever been in his life as he watches his brother strip the pants
off and then go for the waistband of his boxers.
"I was planning to join you. I mean porn is porn, and if you are into
this, I mean i only want to see the man woman parts, but if your into it,
well maybe.." Drake gets a big grin on his perfect face and nods his head
to the side to flick hair out of his mesmerizing eyes.
"M m m mmm mmaybe w free underage virgins w w what?" Josh's eyes are getting huge as they
can't look away from that underage sex links cock, wondering if maybe ment maybe he was going
to get his wish, that maybe his bro wanted some brotherly love with more
then a hug. His mouth actually began to water as images flashed in his
mind, but no Drake couldn't mean that. NO WAY!
"You know what maybe." Drake laughs. "I'm not blind, Josh. I know
you want this as much as any of the girls at school. I've known for a long
time, ever since the first time you yelled 'Hug me brotha.'" He laughed
again, and then he actually gave his now hard cock a tug, and then another,
and it twitched and he gave it a third as little pussies underage
he looked down at Josh. That
thing was now about 8inches, not too fat, not to thin, but Hard, Cut, very
purple on the head and still baby smooth.
Josh couldn't help himself. He didn't wait for Drake to sit down. He
lunged onto his knees in front of Drake and slammed the cock into his
mouth, going at it a bit to eagerly as he chocked when the large member
bounced off his throat. It was drooling, Josh could taste the prejiz. He
backed off a bit and sucked only the head, licking the crown as it pulsed
between his lips, and lapping at the hole as it oozed and oozed.
"Damn, Jooooooosh. Uhhhhhh, Yeah Brothaaaa" Drake nearly fell
backwards, and grabbed Josh's head for support, but then left his hands
there, gripping his brother's black hair, He starts working his hips in and
out. OHHH it was better then when any of the girls did it out at the
Josh was in a trance, he didn't feel his hair being pulled he was
sucking Drake's dick. He was doing something that he had wanted for ooooo
so long. if he was honest he would admit since he first met Drake. Ohhhhh
the cock drool was perfect. It was salty, but not overly soo. It was
watery, and it spread over his taste buds ohhh so, mmmmmm, good.
"I'mmmm uhhhhhh i'mm!" Drake tried to get it out, but it wasn't
happening. He pulled Josh's hair hard, rammed his cock in the warm moist
hole hard and felt it slam the back, his balls tight, but still bouncing
off a strong chin, adult underage fun a nose in his pubes. "OHHHHHH!" He came, and came, and
it shot hard, and splattered and began to ooze from Josh's mouth, even as
he chocked and tried to swallow at the same time. ""AHHHHHHH
OHHHHHHOAAHHAH!" Drake plopped on the sofa, his legs spread, his cock
wilted, yet still slimy. "Damn, brotha, damn." He panted out.
Josh stood from his knees swallowing, and then gave his lips a swipe
with his tongue. Panting harder still. "I. I, um. naked underage russians I don't know what
came... came over...over me." Josh is in a kind of shock, and
embarrassment, and so hard.
"Bro, its cool. Not like i'm into it all the time, but now that I know
you like it maybe I should hit you up more often." Drake took another hard
pant. then hopped up, his dick wagging, "Better clean up." Drake says
cheerfully and then rushes out of the room.
Josh just stands there for a moment with a blank stare, but then he
gets a goofy grin, and rubs his hard dick. with only a couple strokes the
flaming head of his tick pulses and spurts gobs of Jizz all over the floor,
coffee table and TV. "I can get into this. Yeah baby!" and he plops on
the sofa, and for the first time ever relaxes nude on the sofa while his
brother is in the adult underage fun house. It was so much better then winning the science

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